Conisation Electrodes

Conisation Electrodes for biopsy through excision procedures in colposcopy examinations of 2nd level.

Device designed and developed for electrosurgical treatment of small pathologies of the uterine cavity


Concerns the excision of a portion (generally conical, from which it takes its name) of the cervix with the
aim of removing a potentially malignant or malignant, but still limited to a specific area, lesion.
This technique should therefore be considered as a conservative intervention because it does not
significantly modify the structure and the physiology of the uterus.

The particular shape of the support in synthetized wolfram that keeps the wire reduces the “whip” effect that is really restrictive during the intervention.


It concerns the use of a diathermic electrode that through high frequency electricity allows a rapid
performance of conisation with minimal intra and post-operative complications.

Very interesting is the minimal presence of bleeding and the return to the former aspect of the cervix just after few months from the very satisfying intervention.

This technique that respects the cervix anatomy and functionality presents, anyway, some limits linked to the potential tissue thermal damage that can sometimes obstacle the microscopic analysis of the excised cone borders (cervical tissue), obstructing the access to lesions present in the deepest portion of the cervical canal.


  • Disposable and sterile device
  • Made of tungsten
  • Non-stick finish
  • The handle design perfectly fit the tungsten wire, without impediments for a perfect cut
  • Wide range of shapes and sizes for different surgeries
  • The ball electrode is also available in Teflon, to grant a better coagulum with no risks of sticking on the coagulated portion of tissue