Resector Small

Resector “Small”

studied and realized device for the electrosurgical treatment of small pathologies of the uterine cavity in bipolar solution with dedicated generator.

The particular shape and the very small diameter indicate it as essential in nulliparous patients, menopausal, with known strictures. It does not require the operator learning curve because it reflects “SMALL” the standard tool and daily routine to the gynecologist.


The possibility that gives the bipolar energy to be able to use the salt solution during the resectoscopy, in substitution of the traditional solution with sorbitol and glycine compulsory monopolar electro surgery, allows not to alter the concentration of sodium in the cells and reduce the problem of the ‘ hyponatraemia, electrolyte imbalance danger for the patient.

– The bipolar energy produced by the generator to the tissue passes through active electrodes with a diameter of 1.4 mm and allows to obtain a precise cut with vaporization and dessicazione through the plasma effect expressed by the new G 400 generator.

– The construction of ergonomics resector (the only one with “quick look” device for both shirts) allows removal of cores without problems, being able to leave the outer jacket in the cavity.

– The electrodes are disposable (semi-circular, equatorial, collin, roller, ball).

Of course they are also available cold loops to single out possible myomas