The plasmakinetic radiofrequency energy pass through the electrode thanks to the conductive saline solution, generating a very precise and focused plasma insulation around the electrodes. The plasma insulation is made up of particles of massive charge that generate enough energy to create a deep oxidation, reducing the latency effect.

The RF Plasmakinetic technology moves to a higher level if compared to the traditional bipolar or the obsolete monopolar energy.

  • Unlike conventional monopolar / bipolar electrosurgical units, plasmakinetic energy reduces thermal damage as it operates at lower temperatures. The cutting margin is net around the application site, preventing the tissue from sticking to the electrode wire.
  • Shortens surgical as well as patient’s hospitalisation time.
  • The peculiar energy allows to “clean” the electrode from any tissue residues just with a “swing cut”, after having used the coagulum mode.

The bipolar energy produced by the electrosurgical unit, passes through active electrodes allowing to obtain different effects like vaporisation, desiccation of tissues and precise cut.


The system is completed by a wide range of electrodes having the following characteristics:

  • Disposable electrodes
  • Usable only with saline solution
  • Equipped with handle and integrated connection cable to reduce typical issues linked to cables sterilisation
  • Supplied sterile and in single pack

LoopXS: 106Q1
LoopXL: 106Q2

Hook: 106Q5
Vap Button: 106Q6
Roller: 106Q7
VapBall: 106Q8
SawRoller: 106Q9
Shovel Loop: 106Q10
RollerSX: 106Q11