Colpo ‘S – storage system images to colposcopy

Our mission was to develop a multimedia platform:

• Astoundly “easy” to use

• Can be used together with any camera, from any brand, any video output (analog or digital)

• Able to record images and video with the best possible quality

• more advanced hardware configuration, according to the latest components available

• Able to store data in any media (CD, DVD, BluRay, HDD, NAS)

• Can be configured according to user preference

• Fast to search and editing

• Useful for scientific purposes

After many years of work, with the advice of many famous doctors, we have continually made improvements to the interface and added many features.

Easy is a multimedia platform for laptop:

• Easy to use

• Does not require computer skills

• It allows you to capture and manage images and videos in a database can also be used for remote access

• It can be connected to almost all existing, analog or digital cameras, to the latest generation of digital to HD

• The monitor can be used as a secondary monitor during the exercise sessions

• Can be placed in an existing cart with other surgical devices, or may be equipped with a trolley for

• Vision and captures are made in real time

• The medical report is configurable by the user according to his way of working

• Allows easy to find images and video for scientific or educational purposes

• E ‘can store images and video in different resolutions depending on the camera, analog PAL / NTSC up to amazing digital (DV)

EASY is the most advanced medical platform for the management of images and video for gynecology



CPU – Intel Core i3 or superior
Primary Hard Disk – Sata II 640 Gbyte
Ram – 4 Gbyte
Monitor LCD – 16,6’’
Network – Ethernet Lan 1 Gbit
Power Voltage – 100-240V-50/60Hz
Power absorbed – 400 watt
Weight – 3,4 Kg
Size Central unit – 180x375x380 mm
Export to DVD – Yes
Remote Control – Waterproof footswitch (optional)
Operative System – Windows 7
Image format – JPG
Video format – AVI DivX
Image and video capturing definition – PAL/NTSC
Real time recording – On internal or external device
Audio recording – Yes
Video Input – Composite/S-VIdeo
Video Output – DVI or VGA (no video trough)


Europan Directive – CE
Security Class – No medical device

Product Code
Easy – LPV
Multimedia Platform with laptop SONY*

* The hardware configuration may change according to the evolution of technology

COLPO’S by EasyPro is the multimedia platform of the EasyPro family specifically dedicated to Colposcopy


1. EASYPRO® has a User Friendly interface and does not require special computer skills
2. It allows you to capture and manage images and store them in an encrypted DB
and also accessible remotely
3. The COLPO’s Software is developed according to the 2011 RIO protocol
4. It can be connected to the majority of existing cameras: from analog or digital cameras, up to the latest generation 4K resolution
5. It can also be used as a second monitor during the exam
6. Allows real-time viewing and capture
7. Allows you to deliver to the patient a report in A4 format complete with personal data, medical history, information and salient images of the exam, with the name of the doctor who performed the procedure,
as a guarantee of legal validity and protection for both the doctor and the patient
8. The report can be set according to the physician’s preferences
According to their own working method
9. It allows you to easily find and process images and videos useful for scientific and educational purposes
10. Complies with the new European regulation GDPR (n. 2016/679) for the protection of sensitive data