Colpo ‘S – storage system images to colposcopy

Our mission was to develop a multimedia platform:

• Astoundly “easy” to use

• Can be used together with any camera, from any brand, any video output (analog or digital)

• Able to record images and video with the best possible quality

• more advanced hardware configuration, according to the latest components available

• Able to store data in any media (CD, DVD, BluRay, HDD, NAS)

• Can be configured according to user preference

• Fast to search and editing

• Useful for scientific purposes

After many years of work, with the advice of many famous doctors, we have continually made improvements to the interface and added many features.

Easy is a multimedia platform for laptop:

• Easy to use

• Does not require computer skills

• It allows you to capture and manage images and videos in a database can also be used for remote access

• It can be connected to almost all existing, analog or digital cameras, to the latest generation of digital to HD

• The monitor can be used as a secondary monitor during the exercise sessions

• Can be placed in an existing cart with other surgical devices, or may be equipped with a trolley for

• Vision and captures are made in real time

• The medical report is configurable by the user according to his way of working

• Allows easy to find images and video for scientific or educational purposes

• E ‘can store images and video in different resolutions depending on the camera, analog PAL / NTSC up to amazing digital (DV)

EASY is the most advanced medical platform for the management of images and video for gynecology



CPU – Intel Core i3 or superior
Primary Hard Disk – Sata II 640 Gbyte
Ram – 4 Gbyte
Monitor LCD – 16,6’’
Network – Ethernet Lan 1 Gbit
Power Voltage – 100-240V-50/60Hz
Power absorbed – 400 watt
Weight – 3,4 Kg
Size Central unit – 180x375x380 mm
Export to DVD – Yes
Remote Control – Waterproof footswitch (optional)
Operative System – Windows 7
Image format – JPG
Video format – AVI DivX
Image and video capturing definition – PAL/NTSC
Real time recording – On internal or external device
Audio recording – Yes
Video Input – Composite/S-VIdeo
Video Output – DVI or VGA (no video trough)


Europan Directive – CE
Security Class – No medical device

Product Code
Easy – LPV
Multimedia Platform with laptop SONY*

* The hardware configuration may change according to the evolution of technology