Colposcope 3080

Colposcope 3080, the quality of an operating microscope to define new visual standards in the cervicovaginal pathology

  • 5 enlargements
  • Automatic and electronic focus adjustment
  • Equipped with 3 types of fine focus adjustment: manual, electronic and micrometric
  • Full HD video out protocol, HDMI 60p non-interlaced
  • Automatic white balance management
  • Signal output in standard HDMI format
  • Integrated LED lighting with progressive adjustment of light intensity
  • Focal no 300mm MA: Focal with variable working distance 250-400mm
  • Binocular tube 45 ° or straight (OPTIONAL)
  • Micrometric adjustment of pupillary convergence by means of a micrometric ring (as per the operating microscope)
  • Possibility of use also for eyeglass wearers
  • With the possibility of diopter adjustment (± 7 D)
  • Integrated yellow and green filter
  • Swiveling arm with 359 ° colposcope head and arm adjustment
  • Pantograph management by gas and not by spring
  • Support arm for operator / patient visualization monitor
  • Equipped with autoclavable silicone covers for all locking and maneuvering systems, to ensure greater protection for operators, especially in relation to the ongoing Covid-19 emergency
  • 5-spoke base, 5 swiveling silicone wheels all with lock

The colposcope can be completed with the Multimedia System  EasyPro Colpo’s  for easy management of data, images and videos in Colposcopy procedures