Speculum Open-Sided – Special Edition

Speculum Open-Sided – Special Edition

Speculum Open-Sided-Special Edition

Open on one side, this special Open edition grants a generous spacious access for instruments or catheters in order to be easily inserted.

Ideally suited for:

  • Resectoscopy
  • Hysteroscopy
  • HSG / THL
  • Endometrial Ablation
  • IUD insertion

Available in two sizes, with and without smoke extraction.


Speculum con aspirazione dei fumi

SX speculum is optimized for surgical precision, with optimal visualization or the Cervix . It provides effortless and reliable manipulation.

SX speculum range provides vastly improved surgical precision and visibility due to a flat smoke channel which is made flush with the top of the speculum. No more tubes or pipes intruding into view and limiting manoeuvrability.

Is the speculum preferred by doctors

  • Smooth single-handed operations and locking
  • Front handle design angled backwords providing greater freedom of movement and greater range of access
  • Hands free after placement
  • Inwardly folded edges facilitate optimal cervix orientation
  • No preheating required
  • Unbreakable plastic+
  • Excellent product strength through optimised design
  • Up to 50% cost reduction

Outward folded outer edge

The outward folded outer edge keeps the opening free from tissue and allows greater freedom for instrument manipulation resulting in improved visibility of the cavity and cervix.

Speculum con aspirazione dei fumi
Speculum con aspirazione dei fumi

Single handed locking

The new locking design allows for easy single handed locking and unlocking. This single handed operation frees the other hand for simultanious instrument manipulation. This reduces the procedure time.

Is the speculum preferred by patients

    • Smooth rounded edges ensuring patient comfort
    • Gap design prevents pinching
  • Single-use, guaranteed clean
  • Patient temperature friendly
  • Clinical white look

Cervix support & rounded inner edges

The inward folded edge positions and holds the cervix for direct easy access even in case of an anterior or posterior cervix position. Smooth rounded edges on the inside of the speculum remove all risk of scraping of the cervix. Scraping of the cervix is normally a frequent cause of patient discomfort a occasionally bleeding.

Soft round edges

All rounded edges have a smooth soft feel thanks to an extra large outer radius of 1.5mm. Tissue flows freely without risk of trauma or irritation.

Why white

  • Misdiagnosis reduced. Diagnosing through a clear speculum regularly leads to a distorted.
  • Improves light reflection and visibility for the operator
  • Sensation of high quality, hygienic and patient-friendly


Most doctors prefers a white speculum

The doctor’s choice

Research y leading women’s health specialists has demonstrated that white provides specific advantages

  • White surface design vastly improves visibility of cervix thanks to right reflection. Clear looses the light;
  • Reduced misdiagnosis. Diagnosis through a ‘clear’ Speculum may provide a limited and distorted view due to local tissue depression and discolouration;
  • Patiets perceive white as higher quality. hygienic and friendly.

SX – white smoke extraction advantages:

  • Facilitate precise horizontal manipulation of instruments due to the slim line smoke channel
  • 360° access around the cervix due to inward folded edges at the tip of the blades positioning and lifting the cervix
  • Available in 3 sizes with colour code

Tapered nozzle

The tapered nozzle allows for easy connection of all common smoke siction tubes and provides a reliable connection.


Unobstructed view

Vastly improved surgical precision and visiblity due to a flat smoke channel which is made flush with the top of the speculum.

Greater freedom sideways

The outwardly curved edges provide extended range to manipulate instruments sideways, thereby retaining an open view and greater access.

Ideally suited for:

  • Colposcopy
  • LEEP surgery
  • Laser surgery

Available in 3 sizes with colour code, for an easy recognition of the right size

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