Mechanical Instrumentation


ROTATING Micro forceps & Micro scissors for use in Operative Hysteroscopy

MicroRotate is a set of:

– Micro-grasping forceps

– Micro biopsy forceps

– Micro scissors

These instruments are designed, manipulate or cut small polyps or small myomas during Hysteroscopy procedures, performed in “OFFICE” technique.

The 4.6 ch calibre allows an easy introduction into the working channel of the hysteroscopic sheath. Their construction, made of extremely flexible new generation steel, and the 360° rotation prevents the operator from rotating his hand if the polyp or myoma are in an unfavorable position.

The accurate construction provides perfect instruments, conceived, designed and developed by a surgeon  who has been working for years in the gynecological field, with e particular dedication to Hysteroscopy

MicroRotate is a set of indispensable instruments for every surgeon working in “OFFICE” Hysteroscopy

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