Hystero Trolley


The new border of Hysteroscopy

Hystero Trolley, is the trolley that will considerably simplify operators’ interventions.

PiemmeMed is steadily focus on developing new creations, capable of supporting the everyday life of doctors and operators; that is why has been created Hystero Trolley, the first suitcase dedicated to hysteroscopy.

Hystero Trolley, a state-of-the-art product of recent conception, specifically designed to simplify outpatient hysteroscopy interventions in private clinics.

It will not be any more necessary to be equipped of bulky instruments, indeed, it will just be necessary to keep Hystero Trolley in order to have all that you need.

Moreover, the suitcase not only has an iron handle but also a recess handle with wheels, that allow to bring the trolley wherever you need, avoiding to support its weight.

Hystero Trolley is supplied with:

Laptop 17” provided with mouse, mouse pad and battery charger

Software DHyS by EasyPro, the multimedia platform dedicated to hysteroscopy

Waterproof remote control footswitch, for pictures and videos

10 USB Keys, to leave to the patient her personal medical report

Full HD USB Camera

Portable LED Light Source, 10W

Full HD Road Lens Endoscope 2,9mm 30°, L. 302mm

Microrotate Grasping Rotating Forceps, L. 34cm, Colour Code: Aquamarine

Diagnostic Sheath, L. 34cm

Operative Sheath for See and Treat, L. 34cm