The disposable Bonss electrodes have to be used with specifically designed resectors: their unique design allows the electricity to act directly on the targeted tissue in saline solution, without touching the instrument. Thanks to the surgical radiofrequency system there is any risk of intravasation syndrome.

The 26ch resector is a device designed and developed for electrosurgical treatment of medium and big pathologies of the uterine cavity.

The possibility given by the Plasmakinetic Bipolar Energy of using saline solution during resectoscopic interventions, instead of the traditional sorbitol or glycine solution, compulsory in monopolar electrosurgery, allows to keep the integrity of cells sodium concentration, avoiding hyponatremia, a potential electrolytic unbalance that could be dangerous for patients.

The bipolar energy produced by the generator passes through active electrodes of 1,6mm diameter, obtaining a precise cut with desiccation and vaporisation.

Furthermore,  the ergonomic design and extremely easy assembly of the resector, the unique device with a quick-lock closing system for both sheaths, grants a fast removal of tissue chips, having the possibility of letting the outer sheath within the cavity