In the gynecological field and beyond, the expert specialists rely on specific instruments, which allow them to operate in maximum comfort, obtaining, at the same time, optimal results.

In particular, PiEmme Med provides valid means to be used in the areas of Hysteroscopy, Resectoscopy, Laparoscopy, Colposcopy / Vulvoscopy.


– Isteroscopy : Vision of uterine cavity with a particular and reduced endoscopy  connected to a camera witch let the vision of the cavity.

– Operational Isteroscopy : if there is a presence / absence of a malignancy
we can implement this vision with miniaturized instrument.


If the malignancy is important we have to resolve it with a little oparation in operating room peroforming a resectoscopic isteroscpy.


Outpatient examination. the diagnosis of the patology with dircet vison through a particolar microscope with a larger vision of the uterine cervix, it’s the most outer part of the uterus.