Plasma-kinetic radiofrequency system (Gynecology)

Plasma-kinetic radiofrequency system (Gynecology)

Plasmacycline Radiofrequency System for gynecological resection and treatment of small office hysteroscopy diseases with 5fr electrodes.

The ARS800 Plasmacycline RF Resection System allows the treatment of both small intracavitary diseases in Office Hysteroscopy with Ø5Fr electrodes, and of medium-severe pathologies with resector and dedicated electrodes with the different types of tips required by the pathology (istmocele, metroplastica, septum, abnormal blood loss) and therefore: equatorial tips, knife, ball, 4mm and 5mm roller.

Plasmacycline RF technology moves gynecological resection higher than traditional bipolar technology or obsolete monopolar technology.

  • Unlike conventional monopolar / bipolar electrosurgical units, plasmacinetic energy reduces thermal damage as it operates at lower temperatures and the cutting margin is net around the application site, preventing the fabric from sticking to the electrode wire.
  • Reduces patient and hospitalization time.
  • The particular energy makes it possible to “clean” the electrode with a shear stroke from any tissue residues following use in coagulum mode.

Reduced bleeding


Plasmacycline cutting
RF energy is used to create an electric arc in the tissue located between the electrodes of the instrument protected by high density ceramic terminals. This guarantees the cutting of the fabric through vaporization and a reduction of the temperature on the target site. The power of the system is directly proportional to the consistency of the tissue that the electrode must cut / coagulate.

Power and delicacy allow to work with extremely thin chips and with micrometric cutting precision, particularly effective when used in the cleavage plan.

Plasmacinetic coagulation

The System produces a controlled coagulation of the vascular peduncles using pulses focused on the tissue.

The fabric is uniquely coagulated using the pulses of plasmacinetic energy with respect to the continuous output used in conventional generators. This incredible coagulum function is evident during daily use because with the simple brushing of the tissue the whitening of areas of large areas and without tissue necrosis is observed on the same.

This allows the operator to work faster because the coagulation is activated on a wider surface than the classic bipolar / monopolar one that requires focusing and centering of each bleeding source.

The system is equipped with a control system for all connected peripherals:

  • Remote cut and clot control;
  • Electrode connected by an inseparable cable integrated into the electrode itself;
  • Electrode connected by an inseparable cable integrated into the electrode itself. the System prevents the cutting and the coagulation from being activated if the integrated terminal is not engaged;
  • The System is designed for operation in saline solution and does not provide any other type of connection, preventing accidental errors of monopolar / bipolar use.

The system is completed by a wide range of disposable electrodes, supplied in sterile packaging and supplemented by an inseparable connection cable, which avoids possible malfunctions due to oxidation of the terminals.