Hysterocare_7CH  is the first single-use Operating Hysteroscopy sheath for use with Ø2,9mm 0 ° scope or Ø2,9mm 30 ° scope.



  • it guarantees absolute sterility of the procedure, since the same endoscope never comes into direct contact with the uterine cavity possibly affected by pathologies
  • in case of long waiting lists, it allows to accelerate the procedures as it is not necessary to re-sterilize the endoscopes



  • A double semi-rigid channel ensures complete sterility of the intervention
  • The «cup» terminal with 10 ° wide-angle lens allows accentuating the field of view
  • The tip is welded to 8 bar “pneumatic” pressure
  • The filling chamber for saline solution allows to control the flow of the solution
  • The stopcock for infusion control helps reduce patient discomfort
  • The semi-rigid double channel avoids the reduction of flow due to the contraction of the musculature of the cervical canal stimulated by the introduction of the endoscope
  • Working channel for instruments up to Ø7CH
  • Includes silicon valve SplashFREE. No splash or leakage of liquid while introducing the instruments
BiPi-2956-O30 Single-use sheath for Operating  Hysteroscopy with  ø2,9 – 30° scope
BiPi-2956-O00 Single-use sheath for Operating  Hysteroscopy with  ø2,9mm 0° scope